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How to compare and synchronize two database users?

The following contexts will teach you the steps of comparing and synchronizing two database users.

Step 1: Open SQL Server Comparison Expert, click "Connection" button, then the connection dialog pops up.


Step 2: Click "Option" to open the Project Option, you can select the Object Types (Users) to compare. Click "OK" to continue.


Step 3: Click "OK" in the connection dialog, select the "Compare" button to compare the differences between the two databases users.


Step 4: Click "Synchronize", you can find the differences of users shown on the script.


Step 5: Click on "Sync", then you will be prompted to backup the target database. If you want to backup your database manually, please choose "No" in the confirm dialog.


Step 6: Click "Yes" and you will find the action status changed from "Action_1" to "Action_2". This tells you that the synchronization has been completed successfully.


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