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Can I backup SQL database in zip file?

Can you Backup SQL database in zip file for recovering next time? And if we can backup SQL database in zip file, that means the compression file can be reduced for storing on computer or other places you want to backup. While SQL Database Backup Expert has this feature for backing up SQL database in zip file with compressing at 10%.

Yes, you don't worry about there is no enough size of your hard disc, email of the place you want to backup your SQL database file. Because Sliced Lemon SQL database supports you backup and compress the database with compressing the zip file to reduce the size for storing in the destination.

The installation steps of this software provide a thoroughly clear guide through the process once you have completed downloading the archived software from Lemon Sliced download page. Follow the instructions on the installation screen after downloading the software. Download the installation file before continuing on in earnest to understand how to back up SQL database in zip file.

Following the installation screen through a sequence of steps opens a venue to the full extraction of backup SQL database-- licensed version--- accessible for either commercial or personal use(s). Consequently, in allowing access of this SQL Backup program, support is provided to transmit, transfer and compress Back-Up selections into a zip file. Both trial and purchased version provide full support of user functionality to package backup files into zip files.

If you've agreed to the terms and conditions in the menu process, success is granted delivering functionality to zip-file compression back-up option as previously already stated. Also, the menu option will allow each user to choose each at her/his own discretion whether to unpack the extraction files in a self-automated folder entitled under “Sliced Lemon SQL DB Back Up Expert” or, a completely different folder, assigned to, by his/her own preferential choice.

To Backup SQL database in a zip file what you need first and foremost is a full-functional software, which follows SQL DB Backup Expert and you have to register if need full features.

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