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Restore SQL Database from FTP

Files need a strong backup when they are restored from any host including archive, LAN or FTP host. In restoring the files or transferring, there is much risk of losing any file or record present in the database. If the restoration is done at a small scale, as in the house or a small department with fewer databases, an individual might not be bothered if any file corrupts. This would not be the case if the database is very important. However, in large outlets where database is very precious, people find a safe way for the process.

You might be thinking that if you spend hundreds of dollars then you can only get this kind of software. I disagree as this is not the case with SQL Database Backup Expert. Before guiding you with the software, let me tell you that FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is basically used to upload something on World Wide Web or download from it. Therefore, the operation consists of file transfer and SQL Database Backup Expert could be supportive. SQL DB backup expert comes with the most advanced and convenient features which save hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars caused due to hardware damage. Moreover, the work of database restoration could take several days if done manually whereas; using this software will do the job within few hours without any damage.

If the database transfer from FTP is done using the SQL DB backup expert, the output would be very high in terms of quality, quantity and profit. Most of the time, the problem of hard drive space occurs as the database is usually very large in size. A manual job could lead to file corruption as the location for restoration might not have enough space to backup the database. SQL DB backup expert performs the task automatically and will choose the location(s) one after another itself if needed. This will avoid any loss of files and records ant the work would be done more effectively.

It is proved that even some web capabilities require some instructions of restoring location and guidance but the SQL DB backup expert performs the tasks itself automatically without any help or assistance. Moreover, the expert includes the features of automatically deleting previous unused backup files, creating more space for the new database. Finally, when the backup is done and the database is restored, expert software sends an email confirmation so that one would get satisfied with the services.

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  • "I love using this instead of gonig through the Microsoft wizard"

    - by John

  • "Reliable and simple to backup MSSQL, good for backup databases from one PC to another easily. "

    - by Paul