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SQL Server Comparison Expert is a [powerful mssql database comparison] and [Database synchronization tool]. It is designed for automating data migrations, analyzing corrupted data and restoring data from backups. It not only can be used to compare and synchronize schemas of two databases, and the contents of two databases can also be compared and synchronized.

In addition, it supports thirty mssql database objects types, such as Tables, Views, Synonyms, Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Rules, Defaults, User-defined Data Types, Message Types, Contracts, Queues, Services, Full Text Catalogs, Partition Functions, Users, Roles, Schemas, Permissions, etc.


* SQL Server Comparison Expert supports mssql2000, mssql2005 and mssql2008.
* Compare and Synchronize two Microsoft SQL Server databases.
* Locate and highlight differences in tables, views, stored procedures, and any other database objects, including Service Broker.
* Supports user-defined key specification, as well as colorful, intuitive graphic buttons.
* Comprehensive filltering and searching of schema objects.
* Fantastic value for money: you get two products, structure and data compare, in one package.

Who needs SQL Server Comparison Expert? You do if you've ever:

* Had a database fail due to a missing database structure object.
* Struggled to compare two databases using less efficient methods or software.
* Had to manually sync database structure objects after locating the inconsistencies.

Technical Support & Knowledge Base

* What is data, database (DB), DBMS and DBS?
* What is alarm manager (database)?
* What is job manager?

Reviews & Award

  • "I love using this instead of gonig through the Microsoft wizard"

    - by John

  • "Reliable and simple to backup MSSQL, good for backup databases from one PC to another easily. "

    - by Paul